Lila Global places pair of chemical tankers in GSB J19 Pool

11 Jan 2023


Dubai-based Lila Global has joined the GSB J19 Pool of stainless steel chemical tankers with two ships. The shipowning arm of Anil Sharma’s cash-buying giant Global Marketing Systems (GMS) has placed the 2006-built Lila Ace and Lila Confidence into the pool, which now counts nine ships between 19,000 dwt and 22,500 dwt.

The GSB J19 Pool was formed as a joint operation between Golden Stena Baycrest Tankers (GSB Tankers) and Aurora Tankers, a subsidiary of IMC Industrial Group, in July 2021 to manage and operate stainless steel tankers.

Singapore-based GSB Tankers commenced operation in January 2019 as a joint venture between Golden-Agri Stena and Bay Crest Management.

“It has been a dramatic 2022 with strong earnings and ending the year with expansion of the Pool partners reflects our competititive position in the market. We expect to add more Pool partners in 2023 and expand the Pool to grow in terms of the fleet size,” said Shinsuke Togawa, managing director of GSB Tankers.