Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles are fundamental to our business strategy and operations. We recognise that sustainability and responsible business practices are not only crucial for the well-being of the environment and society but also integral to the long-term success and resilience of our company. As such, we implement policies to promote stewardship of the environment, social responsibility and value creation over the long-term. Our ESG policy is summarised below.

Environmental Responsibility

We are cognisant of the significant impact shipping has on the environment and are dedicated to implementing sustainable practices to minimise our environmental footprint.

We strive to reduce emissions, optimise fuel efficiency, and invest in innovative technologies that promote clean and sustainable shipping. We actively monitor and comply with relevant environmental regulations and continually seek ways to improve our environmental performance.

Our business model of giving high quality mid-life vessels a new lease of life, where possible, to reduce emissions associated with both ship recycling and new build construction, is testament to our commitment to the environment. We also actively engage in initiatives to reduce waste, promote recycling and minimise our operations-related pollution.

Lila Global commits to operational excellence by integrating advanced clean technologies that enhance energy efficiency and reduce the environmental impact of our maritime activities.

Lila Global champions corporate responsibility by ensuring the well-being of our crew, engaging in fair and ethical business practices, and actively supporting the socioeconomic development of our port communities.

Social Impact

We understand the importance of fostering positive relationships with our employees, customers, wider industry stakeholders and the communities in which we operate.

We are committed to providing a safe and inclusive workplace that respects the rights, well-being, and diversity of our employees. We promote fair labour practices, prioritise employee health and safety, and endeavour to create opportunities for professional growth and development.


We seek to uphold the highest standards of corporate governance, accountability, and transparency. Our C-suite diligently oversees corporate and operational decisions to ensure compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and best practices.

Engaging with stakeholders, to foster long-term relationships based on trust, mutual respect and shared values, is a key component of our success and helps to differentiate our services from others.

Our diverse workforce thrives in the inclusive and respect-based work
environment we have created

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In our relationships with customers, we prioritise transparency, ethical conduct, and mutually beneficial collaboration. We seek to engage with those who share our commitment to ESG principles and encourage others to embrace sustainable practices.

Conscious of the need to provide opportunities for meaningful and well-paid employment for the next generation of seafarers and to ensure young seafarers meet our high expectations, we have enrolled our first intake of deck and engine cadets from the Emirate of Sharjah, in the United Arab Emirates. We hope that by successfully completing their studies, the cadets will join the shipping fraternity and create a lasting legacy.

Long-term relationships based on trust, mutual respect and shared values, is a
key component of our success and helps to differentiate our services from others.

Steve Kunzer, CEO, Lila Global

We promote ethical behaviour, integrity, and responsible decision-making at all levels of our organisation and maintain a culture of openness, where employees are encouraged to report any concerns related to ethical practices or compliance violations.


Continuous Improvement

Implementing successful ESG policies is an ongoing commitment, and we recognise the need to drive performance gains to further develop our sustainable shipping practices, and conduct business responsibly. We regularly review our ESG policy framework and objectives, measure our progress against them and integrate stakeholder feedback into our decision- making processes.

Corporate Policies

We are committed to developing and maintaining the highest standards of ethics, compliance, and responsibility, in accordance with international regulations and guidelines, and the UAE’s legal framework.

Our Code of Business Conduct provides a comprehensive guide, which governs the conduct of all individuals engaged by the company, both ashore and on board. The Code of Business Conduct includes policy sections on:

  • Compliance with laws and regulations
  • Sanctions and compliance
  • Data protection
  • Anti-bribery and corruption
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Anti-discrimination and harassment

Maintaining a high quality service while safeguarding the health, welfare, and safety of our employees, and those we work with, is of paramount importance – our Quality, Health & Safety Policy underpins all our activities.

To drive quality standards we regularly conduct internal audits and evaluations and also contract external auditors. This allows us to objectively benchmark performance and identify possible improvement areas, to further refine our operations and business practices.

Risk assessments

Shipping can be hazardous. We ensure that operational activities are subject to rigorous assessment to identify and manage risk. We also equip employees with the tools to undertake dynamic risk assessments to mitigate unpredictable changes to their work environments.


We believe knowledge and skills are the cornerstones of maintaining professional competence. Our employees receive mandatory safety training to ensure they understand company safety protocols and are equipped with high quality and task-appropriate personal protective equipment to ensure duties can be safely performed.

Safety culture

A transparent culture promotes continual learning. Employees are encouraged to routinely report incidents, near-misses, and unsafe conditions, so corrective action can be taken promptly and hardwon lessons can be applied.