A Focus on Sustainability


The health and safety of our employees and crew is our primary concern, followed closely by our pursuit of protecting and bettering the environment in which our company and ships operate. Our principals' passion and dedication to support sustainable shipping initiatives, ranging from eco new building technology down to sustainable / responsible ship recycling initiatives, are part of the ethos that are woven into the fabric of our company.
Sustainability is an integral part of our business life cycle, right from the planning of new builds to responsible recycling at the end of the life cycle of each ship that we operate. We carefully design our new builds to incorporate the latest sustainable technology and operate our older assets in an efficient manner that ensures the useful life of each vessel in our fleet is maximized.
To help reach our sustainability goals, our team remains focused on the correct management of ballast water, usage of compliant fuels, proper garbage management and compliance with hazardous material guidelines.

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Lila Global we define Corporate Social Responsibility as ensuring responsible practices in every aspect of our business. From placing prominence on our efforts to be keen stewards of the environment to ensuring a positive impact on all communities that we touch. We do this by constantly improving upon our high standards of health and safety of all our employees and stakeholders. We constantly make genuine efforts to improve our anti-pollution and waste handling procedures. We ensure that our policies are regularly updated and upheld. Our fleet is maintained to high standards and extreme efforts are made to guarantee that our ships are in top condition, regardless of age, asset class or trading area.
From a Governance perspective, the Group maintains strict policies on responsible procurement and is vigilant about choosing ship managers with strong ESG policies. We also ensure that the company complies with all responsible tax practices, economic laws and data protection while maintaining a very strict intolerance towards corruption. 
It is this commitment to CSR that has allowed our principals to preserve excellent relationships with our clients, employees, stakeholders and the world wide shipping community at large

Human Resources

While our ships are important, it is our employees and crew that serve as the cornerstone of our business and are the real assets that define our success as a company. Our number one priority as a company is ensuring that our employees are well cared for and given the tools to excel in their various positions. Like a ship, our company only thrives when it is operated by a talented crew of individuals that together achieve a high level of performance.
In addition to our emphasis on employee health and safety, a key aspect of our Human Resource focus revolves around our commitment to diversity through the employment of multinational employees and crew.